Will my CHARIOT-enabled mobile app allow other apps to interact with my remote AllJoyn network?

CHARIOT Join can be both a Direct and a Connect device. It can switch between the two modes by using the Options menu. By default it is set to Direct, meaning that any other AllJoyn apps on the mobile device can communicate with the remote AllJoyn network. This allows developers, for instance, to test their own existing AllJoyn mobile app through the CHARIOT service.

When it is set to Connect, CHARIOT Join no longer allows apps on the mobile device to communicate with the remote AllJoyn network. This may seem useless, and for the CHARIOT Join app it mostly is. One thing it still does is to show which devices are being remoted to the mobile device via CHARIOT. It also proves that using Connect mode does not present a security problem.

Normally an AllJoyn mobile app is designed to work with a specific hardware product or product line. For example, a hardware vendor may produce an AllJoyn lightbulb. This vendor would likely provide a mobile app that customers could download for free that would manage the lightbulb. In a case like this the mobile app would only need to bridge its own app-local AllJoyn bus, not the AllJoyn bus of other apps on the phone, nor other devices on the network. Therefore the mobile app would be a CHARIOT Connect device, not a CHARIOT Direct device. This is the case for most mobile apps.

So while the Mobile SDK does support the Direct feature, in most cases we do not recommend that you use the Direct feature from a mobile app.


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