Introduction to CHARIOT

Getting IOT Projects Connected

CHARIOT is the fast way to conquer the Internet of Things with your applications and connected products. CHARIOT lets you focus on your connected product, its automations and functions without having to tackle the many complexities of fast, secure, global remote access.

As a CHARIOT developer you get the software and tools needed to create stand-out applications that work everywhere.

What's included

  1. Free CHARIOT cloud service for development use to help you launch your connected products. Once they’re successfully launched you can sign up online at attractive rates that match your growth ramp and don’t hit you with transactions costs.
  2. The first cloud service that is made for AllJoyn and will instantly work with the AllJoyn-compatible products from hundreds of AllSeen Alliance member companies.
  3. With CHARIOT and AllJoyn any AllJoyn mobile application that you develop to work in the local network will be transformed to work anywhere, and with blazing speed like it was still at home.
  4. Get fully working examples and step by step tutorials to build great remote access solutions free of licensing costs.
  5. Security is important - with CHARIOT security is built-in and automatic. It also supports easy remote access to your connected products behind firewalls, without needing to configure routers.
  6. Finally, CHARIOT is for any connected device. Its easy to build your own APIs and connect them through CHARIOT. Its also easy to bridge to other popular protocols like Z-wave using open source connectors, also available from the AllSeen Alliance and supported by CHARIOT.

CHARIOT Architecture


CHARIOT Components

  1. CHARIOT - The global scale, fast cloud service for IoT applications and connected devices. CHARIOT is brought to you by Affinegy, a founding member of the AllSeen Alliance with a dozen years of proven experience delivering easy connectivity solutions.
  2. CONNECT - The open source embedded application to connect a single device with CHARIOT for remote connectivity anywhere.
  3. DIRECT - The open source embedded application to connect an entire local network of AllJoyn compatible devices, products or applications for secure remote access anywhere. DIRECT is ideal to build into an automation hub, router, or any always on device in the local network.
  4. DEV.CHARIOT.GLOBAL - The CHARIOT Developer web portal for managing both your connected devices and the usage by your customers of your connected products. Track in real time how many of your devices and your customers are connecting to your service.
  5. JOIN - The mobile application designed for CHARIOT developers to manage their connected projects. Provides an instant remote connector helper for any AllJoyn application to connect remotely through CHARIOT. No changes to your mobile app are required to support remote access.
  6. MOBILE CONNECT SDK - The mobile SDK that remotely enables your mobile applications through CHARIOT.

Now that you have a basic understanding of CHARIOT read the Getting Started article to see how you can use CHARIOT for your products.

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