Get the Alljoyn Demo VM

First you must install VirtualBox.

Then download an Alljoyn Demo VM image depending upon your system configurations:

x64 GUI            x64 CLI 

In the VirtualBox Manager, go to File menu and click on Import Appliance. Browse to the downloaded .ova file and select it.


Leave the configuration settings default, and click "Import".


NOTE: If the host machine is running Ubuntu, you should install virtualbox-5.0, to avoid running into kernel module errors.

The VM needs to be on the same LAN as the phone. To do that first shutdown the VM. Then In the VirtualBox Manager, right click on the running VM and open Settings. Under Network, change "Attached to" to Bridged Adapter, and choose the interface that is on the same LAN as the mobile device.


The VM images will have the Alljoyn core, gateway agent, and XMPP connector installed.

Boot up the VM and open terminal.

NOTE: The password for the VMs is chariot. We Highly recommend users to change the password after booting up the VMS.


You can now head back to the original Getting Started post and continue where you left off.

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