Let’s Begin!

Today we announce that CHARIOT is here and ready for you. CHARIOT, the first cloud service made for AllJoyn.

CHARIOT is the fast way to get your connected product to market with ease and assurance. Let CHARIOT product securely connected to the cloud and remotely accessible.

  • Use CHARIOT Connect to connect a single AllJoyn device to the cloud for remote connectivity anywhere.
  • Use CHARIOT Direct to connect an entire local network of AllJoyn devices, products, or applications. 

CHARIOT is the first cloud service made for AllJoyn and built for high scale and high availability. CHARIOT enables your products to be connected and connectable everywhere. With CHARIOT you, as a developer, and your product management colleagues can focus on defining and delivering the features, functions and branded UX/UI that makes your product a standout and rely on the CHARIOT foundation to ensure your product and services always work at home and on-the-go.

To get started, read this.